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The Archaeology of long term sustainable urbanism: examples from Istanbul and Great Zimbabwe,


Paul Sinclair, Professor de Ecologia Histórica

Universidade de Uppsala (Suécia)




The development of urbanism has been a global phenomenon of co-evolving human-environmental systems, unfolding over the last 10000 years but taking radically different forms in different times and places – and with widely varying consequences. Crucially, I take the position that urban living began at least in part as a mental process which acquired physical substance, and in this sense towns are ideological constructs: as we invent them, so we believe in them. Drawing upon Bateson’s early approach to human environmental interactions in the ‘Ecology of Mind’ as well as contributions from the new field of Historical Ecology, this talk combines humanist and natural science exploration, and delineation, of the cultural and environmental dynamics of the ‘Urban Mind’ as part of the IHOPE (Integrated History and Future of People on Earth) (Sinclair, Nordquist, Herschend and Isendahl 2010) with specific examples taken from Istanbul and Great Zimbabwe.

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