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O Museu da Revolução

por jpt, em 07.01.07

"My love of those photographs in the Museum [Museu da Revolução] has nothing to do with a zeal for war or even its righteous cause. My love is for the silence of the photographs. I love the things they are, not the things they record. I love that they are artefacts of the history they make, that … they make history just as much as they record it. And I love the way they confuse and complicate me – muddle and enrich me, yes, but also confuse me in the sense of joining me to the fact of themselves, complicate me as if implicating me, rendering me complicit. For all the horror of what they record … there is in them still a language I would not altogether like to lose – of nobility, and honour, and valour, and sacrifice – old-fashioned, threadbare words, but ones that remain charged with humanity, for better and worse …" (59-60)

P. R. Anderson, “Museo da Revolucao”, New Contrast. South African Literary Journal, 127, vol. 32, n.3, spring 2004, pp. 44-60

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