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por jpt, em 02.02.05

"Most notably in recent times, James Watt, Ronald Reagan's unlamented secretary of the interior, a deeply conservative thinker and prominent member of the Pentecostal Assembly of God, stated that we need not worry unduly about environmental deterioration (and should therefore not invest much governmental time, money, or legislation in such questions) because the world will surely end before any deep damage can be done".

(S. J. Gould, Questioning the Millennium, Vintage, 1998, p.20)

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por jpt, em 02.02.05

"People really are funny - and fascinating beyond all possible description"

(S. J. Gould, Questioning the Millennium, Vintage, 1998, p.20)

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por jpt, em 01.02.05
"Among the devices that we use to impose order upon a complicated (but by no means unstructured) world, classification - or the division of items into categories based on perceived similarities - must rank as the most general and most pervasive of all. And no strategy of classification cuts deeper - while providing such an even balance of benefits and difficulties - than our propensity for division by two, or dichotomy. we might argue that dichotomization amounts to little more than good observation of the external world. But far more often than not, dichotomization leads to misleading or even dangerous oversimplification. People and beliefs are not either good or evil ... and organisms are not either plant or animal, vertebrate or invertebrate, human or beast

(S.J. Gould, Questioning the Millenium, Vintage, 1998, p.30)

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