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por jpt, em 12.04.05

"This is a working river. Hour after hour the radio-telephone is cackling on the tugs. "Calling Sun 17, take the Florian and go in with her. Calling Sun 16, has that little Spaniard moved yet? What's the matter with her?". Language, old river hands complain, has become politer on the river. Education, they say, is the curse of everything, and the bad-language joke ... has lost its anchorage."

[V.S. Pritchett, London Perceived, Penguin Books, 78]

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por jpt, em 12.04.05

"London is a market, has always been a market, and it owes its character to the Thames...the Thames estuary is only a few minutes' flight or a four or five hours' sea crossing from the mouths of three great continental rivers - the Elbe, the Scheldt, and the Rhine; and, by the last two, the traditional route from Venice to Amsterdam, the richest seam in Europe, debouches in the North Sea. Opposite these rivers, placed at the crossing of the sea routes, the Thames turned London into a natural entrepôt, and centre for transshipment."

[V. S. Pritchett, London Perceived, Penguin Books, p. 74]

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